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Bubble of Love – Mindful Awareness of What Supports Us Through Yoga and Art

Sandie Collins

“My background: artist, printmaker, receiving my B.F.A. in 1987.
I became interested in studying yoga with Esther Myers and Monica Voss 2000 – 2003 and  I continue to practice with Monica, unfortunately Esther Myers passed away in 2004.
I have explored several other teachers learning different techniques and practices but always return to Esther Myers practice.
I have taught through the City of Windsor and I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to India twice to study yoga.
I am currently living with an ankle injury that changed my life but my yoga practice has connected me to myself and how I can heal through yoga.”

Sandie Collins 2021

Join Ainslee and Sandie as they guide you through a relaxing process of connecting to our surroundings, body, and breath. We will explore our bubble of love and the healing it provides us.
We will participate in gentle yoga and respond to our experience through art.
Create a mandala using elements of design (colour, line, etc.) and find objects within the home that help to support your healing process. Ainslee will guide you through tips and techniques to help guide your practice.
There is no experience needed!
Yoga sequence can be completed from a seated position and accessible for any level or ability (think of it as gentle stretches… Less intimidating!)
Art Making is process based. This means that we focus less on the “final product” and allow space for your intuition to guide you.
We look forward to holding space and offering a place of care and healing for all.

• 1 Piece of Paper (sketchbook, drawing paper, watercolour paper, etc.).
• Plate (to trace circle).
• Pencils, coloured pencils, markers, pastels, watercolours, etc. (choose your preferred material, or whatever is accessible to you).
• Found objects that support your healing process (eg: a plant, a certain soap, kitchen item, etc). Using found objects within the home are optional.

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Feb 23 2021


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm