The Vision:

Julien Gaudet’s House offers a welcoming place where people anticipating or affected by the death of a loved one can come for compassion and support throughout their personal journey.

Mission Statement:

Julien Gaudet’s House mission is to support, educate and empower people through their bereavement experience.


  • respecting and responding to each bereaved person’s unique needs by being non-judgmental, trustworthy and ethical
  • honouring and recognizing the loved ones we grieve

  • collaborating with community partners

Goal #1 Restorative

To empower our guests by providing them with opportunities to engage in restorative relationships and activities that contributes to their personal growth and the success of Julien Gaudet’s House:


To create:

  • a community of bereaved people who share in the responsibility of companioning and nurturing each other
  • opportunities to honour loved ones
  • a safe place to spend time without any demands or judgements

Goal #2 Supportive

To provide evidence-informed support services tailored to individual needs across the life span:


To provide:

  • crisis consultation
  • intake, assessment and referral
  • individual and group counselling
  • children services
  • peer support

Goal #3 Educational

To raise awareness among the general public, educational in:


To provide:

  • workshops to the bereaved, the general public, educational institutions and organizations
  • learning opportunities for students
  • resource materials

“Sorrow is an inseparable dimension of our human experience. We suffer after a loss because we are human. And in our suffering, we are transformed.”

-Dr. Alan Wolfelt