Christine & Germain Gaudet

In May 2011, our son Julien Gaudet died as a result of a traumatic brain injury suffered in an automobile related accident. Julien was 18 years old.

In the weeks and months that followed, we sought out counselling through the bereavement program at the Canadian Mental Health Association – Windsor Essex County Branch. There, we found companionship, support and invaluable coping mechanisms to help get us through the daily challenges while mourning Julien’s death.

In wanting to become more involved in assisting other bereaved parents, we created a variety of peer support initiatives designed to help all parents and families keep their deceased children part of their daily lives. We attended a series of seminars at The Coping Centre in Cambridge, Ontario presented by the world renowned grief specialist Dr. Alan Wolfelt. We were very impressed by the facility and what it stood for; we began to ponder whether we could transform Julien’s first home, which sits on an acre of land to become a similar centre for the citizens of Windsor and its surrounding communities.

As a result, we reached out to professionals in this field to discuss the merits of such a facility in our community. As fate would have it, the bereavement professionals recognized this need and envisioned a similar facility. Together we approached like-minded individuals who have embraced the philosophy of Julien Gaudet’s House.