“All I needed was a place to say his name, to cry, to be heard, and to heal.”

Bereaved Parent



Julien’s House mission is to support, educate and companion individuals through their grief experience.


Julien’s House offers a welcoming place where people affected by the death of a loved one can come for compassion and support throughout their personal journey.


  • Respecting and responding to each bereaved person’s unique needs by being non-judgmental, trustworthy and ethical.
  • Honouring and recognizing the loved ones we grieve.
  • Collaborating with community partners.
We strive to maximize the quality of life of bereaved people throughout their personal journey.


Grief is a journey that need not be travelled alone.

If a loved one has died, whether it is your spouse, your child, a family member or friend you may have found that there are not many people who know how to support you.

Through our peer to peer support called “companioning” we have well trained volunteers who have experienced grief through the loss of a loved one or have experience in bereavement support.

Julien’s House creates a place where companionship in a time of pain and grief leads to friendships which provide a path to learn to live again through conversation, companionship and compassion.


A grief companion is a volunteer who understands through experience the life changing effects of grief. They are willing to walk alongside you in your journey and offer support, encouragement and hope. At Julien’s House, our professional staff will match you with a grief companion who will be available to you to chat, to listen and to share.


Julien’s House will offer Drop In Sessions led by professionals and volunteers who understand the grief process. They are designed to provide you with an opportunity to connect with other bereaved persons in a safe and supportive environment. We sincerely hope that you will feel supported, encouraged and cared for at every session and know that you are not alone.


Restorative activities offer you an opportunity to restore balance in your life. You can interact with other bereaved individuals in a safe environment while taking part in various informal activities such as gardening, breakfast clubs, art activities, and therapeutic healing practices such as yoga, meditation and book clubs. fishing, walking, etc. Restorative activities can help the body adjust after the stress of losing someone. These activities will also allow you to make connections with others in a safe environment while doing something enjoyable. Each activity is led by a trained volunteer facilitator.

Julien’s House will also offer opportunities to honour your loved one through vigils and other memorial activities.

Julien’s House programs and services have been designed to increase the capacity of our community to meet the needs of the bereaved. We will continue to work closely with community partners and collaborate on efforts to improve services.

For more information call JGH at (519) 945-CARE (2273) or email us at: Care@JuliensHouse.ca


Restorative Activities help with restoring some balance in your life. These activities can be therapeutic, physical and social in nature. They can provide the breathing space and the grief breaks your body needs to reconcile your loss and boost your mood.

We understand that increased positive social interactions and positive emotions can be a benefit in healing and give you the confidence to connect socially again. These can include reengaging in hobbies, spending time in nature, and unwinding at the end of the day. These activities will also help you to make connections with other similarly bereaved people and help you build a supportive circle of companions.

Each activity is led by a trained volunteer facilitator. We want to ensure that restorative relationships and therapeutic activities are conducted in the safest, most healing environments. Our staff and volunteers will help you find the most suitable restorative activities.


Photography, sign painting, paint night, watercolour painting, sewing, kintsugi (The Japanese art of rebuilding a broken bowl)


Therapeutic healing activities such as yoga, meditation, walking, gardening, fishing


Breakfast club, book club, social


We recognize that when a loved one dies, often those who are hurting and the community around them hurt too. Often you don’t know what to do, how to react, why those grieving are acting in a certain way or wonder even how long it will last.

Grief is complicated. We want to ensure that you have some tools and resources to guide you and your loved ones through this time.